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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

New ProSoCoustic WAVERoom Pro Big Panel Booster Kit, Stone

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SKU 856181007433

Take Control of Your Room
The ProSoCoustic WAVEPro Series offers a unique blend of absorption and diffusion in one product. Our distinctive diffusor pattern inside each panel allows greater absorption efficiency in the same amount of space.

WAVEPro panels also include convenient machine screw inserts that provide easy installation via a single pair of 18” Z-Clips. Multiple machine screw inserts allow additional Z-Clips to be installed, offering extra durability in high-traffic areas or when panels are positioned on the ceiling.

ProSoCoustic’s WAVEPro Series is mold and moisture resistant, UL classified and ASTM E84 Class A fire resistant, ISPM-15 certified for worldwide transport, and meets LEEDs requirements for environmental safety with FCS and ECC certification.

One-Of-A-Kind Frame Provides Absorption-Enhancing Diffusion
The WAVEPro Series’ frame includes diffusion designed right into the product. The frame starts life out as an UltraStock® FR MDF panel that has a Class A Fire Rating, contains no added formaldehyde, and is FSC and Eco-Certified. From there each panel is machine-cut to create our special diffusion design, ensuring every panel is of the highest quality and with the most effective diffusion properties.

Direct In, Multiple Outs
When sound enters a traditional acoustic panel, the unabsorbed sound waves are reflected back the same way they entered. The WAVEPro Series’ internal diffusor redirects sound waves in multiple directions. Not only does this increase the amount of absorbed sound per panel, but it also helps distribute reflected sound throughout your space. With WAVEPro, get the most effective acoustic treatment on the market with the least amount of panels.

The Superior Absorption Choice
ProSoCoustic uses ROCKWOOL ROCKBOARD® 40 stone wool, a mixture of basalt and steel slag, due to its superior absorption, health, safety, and sustainability factors over fiberglass or foam.

Basalt is the most common type of volcanic rock and melts at around 3.000 degrees Fahrenheit. Slag is a by-product of the steel manufacturing industry. Liquid-hot basalt is mixed with steel slag, and the combination is spun into threads that are compressed into sheets.

Stone wool does not retain mold or bacteria, and melts at 2200 degrees F after 2 hours of exposure. Since no binding agents or glues are used, there is no flame, no smoke, and no off-gassing. Stone wool’s non-linear threads ensure top-of-the-industry acoustic absorption qualities.

Our Included Z-Clips Make Installation A Breeze
With one Z-Clip attached to the wall and the other attached to the back of the panel, just slide into place. With an 18-inch length, there is plenty of room for error; all you have to do is make sure it’s level. Then you can slide your panel left or right a couple of inches without worrying about your panel falling off the clip or becoming crooked.

Add another set of Z-Clips to the other end of the panel for an even more solid installation in high-traffic areas or to hang from the ceiling. With our standard size 10-24 machine screw inserts, simply add eye bolts for WAVEPro panels to be flown as clouds.

Interchangeable Fabric
Exclusive to ProSoCoustic’s WAVEPro Series, fabric is attached to the panel using a screen spline which can be taken out for easy fabric replacement.

Replace fabric if the original fabric becomes damaged, a color change is desired, or if you want a custom image printed on fabric to turn your WAVEPro Panel into art.

ProSoCoustic offers the option to sew screen spline directly into custom-print fabric for an extremely simple fabric reinstallation. Safely store extra fabric in a weather-resistant, clean area and change your WAVEPro Panel’s aesthetic as often as you want.