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New Arturia OB-Xa V Virtual Synthesizer for Pro Audio Production & Mixing Software VST AAX AU MAC/PC (Download/Activation Card)

by Arturia
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Legendary growl machine

The ob-xa v takes the immense analog power of the fat, aggressive sounding ob-xa from the 80s charts to the modern era. Faithful to the sound of the original and supercharged with new features, ob-xa v will take you for a wild sonic ride.

Ob-xa made a huge entrance into the music making world in december 1980. Its high-end synth artistry clear from its complex construction, impressive power, and a big, fat sound reintroduced a sense of ambition back to the synth universe and had an undeniable impact on the future of music creation. Soon enough, the ob-xa claimed its place in the synth hall of fame.

The main upgrade from its predecessor, the ob-x, was switching from discrete circuitry to integrated curtis chips, which resulted in greater stability in all oberheim®’s instruments. Although ob-x had a creamier sound due to its discrete sem 12db/oct state variable filter, ob-xa offered two switchable filter modes: 12 db/oct (2-pole) and 24 db/oct (4-pole), leading to a slightly more aggressive sound. This punchy signature sound created by oberheim® made the ob-xa v the bread and butter synth of the 80's.

Accessible digital synthesizers became highly popular at the time, unleashing their creative sonic capabilities to the mass audience. The famous prophet 5 had its own unique properties and an impressive array of controls. Then, the ob-xa was revealed and not only surpassed other available synths on the market, it blew the competition away. Ob-xa brought a huge 8 voice polyphony, deep control with the lfo capabilities, and a physically impressive size to house the circuitry and power. The synthesizer world has never been the same since.

Ob-xa’s most recognizable sound is the synth part from van halen’s ‘jump’, and it featured heavily in music released throughout the 80’s all the way through to today. The artists that made music history with the help of this noble machine include prince, billy idol, chaka khan, bon jovi, vangelis, and gary numam. The sound of this synth is far-reaching and adapts beautifully to power ballads, seductive stories, and rebellious roars. It’s used today by the likes of flume, chrome sparks, calvin harris, and venetian snares, entering a new dimension of electronic music.

Whether you’re reliving or just discovering the seduction of this sound, this is the most authentic software you could wish for. With added polyphony, wide stereo spread, and even more flexible lfos, ob-xa v is the perfect mix of the past and the future.

Reinventing what works

At a supreme level

Settling for sampling synths will never be fully satisfying. Immerse yourself in a tool that will listen to your instinct and inspire new ideas.

We analyzed and measured the original hardware units closely. We took particular focus on recreating the curtis filters as an integral part of the ob-xa v. We also incorporated the best out of ob-x and ob-8 and added new features that enhance the musical experience of this synth. Applying this with our own technology leads to truly incredible results.

Create the sounds of the future by using the best of both worlds.

Deep engineering insights

When it comes to emulating iconic sounds from the past, the process can get quite complex. But this is what arturia’s all about – expert emulation straight from the brains of top audio engineers. We’ve got you covered!

Significant tweaks with a huge impact,

All in a sleek design

We want you to enjoy the fullest spectrum of music production in the most straightforward way possible.

That’s why we’ve combined the original ob-xa with the best features that ob-x and ob-8 had to offer, and we left out the elements that would be in the way, such as the multitimbral part of the original instrument. The clean interface of ob-xa v will be a joy to have a dialogue with. Even if this is the first time you’re using this synth, this virtual instrument will open itself up to you.