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New Avid S4 - 8-fader, 3-foot base system- EUCON-Enabled Pro Tools Control Surface

by Avid
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SKU Avid-S4-8/3-New

Includes one CSM, one MTM, one MAM, and filler panels/plates in a 3-foot frame.

World-class mixing for smaller studios
Get the mixing power of industry-standard Avid S6 in a more compact control surface for budget-conscious pros and smaller audio post and music facilities. Avid S4 boosts your mixing efficiency with the same award-winning workflows in a more streamlined, semi-modular surface that provides intelligent DAW control. Whether creating music, designing sound, mixing immersive audio, or teaching audio production, it's the perfect fit for any project.

For audio post
Bring the robust workflows of S6 to your smaller rooms for immersive audio mixing, sound design, ADR, and editorial. S4 provides the versatility you need to take on any project—from film, TV, and OTT media, to commercials and games.

For music
Get the creative capabilities to take on stereo and Dolby Atmos music projects. S4 is the perfect fit for smaller recording studios, independent music/audio post mixers, and smaller rooms and mastering suites in bigger music studio facilities.

For the classroom
S4 provides a more affordable solution to teach students the music and audio post-production workflows they’ll need for a successful career in the media and entertainment industry. Plus, it can be customized to support any class curriculum.

Product Highlights:

From its deep DAW control and fully integrated Dolby Atmos workflows, to superior ergonomics and operational ease, Avid S4 gives you the same massive power, monitoring capabilities, and workflows of S6 in a more compact control surface designed for smaller spaces and budgets.
Includes two CSMs, one MTM, one MAM, and filler panels/plates in a 4-foot frame.

Like S6, S4 is built with EUCON technology, giving you deep, unmatched DAW integration to access and control Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Pro, and other audio and video software right from its touchscreen and surface—even two different applications simultaneously. From editing plugins and writing automation, to performing complex tasks with a single key press, it accelerates your efficiency like only an Avid control surface can.

Stereo. Surround. Immersive audio. For music, audio post, and media education. No matter the format, DAW, or workflow, S4 makes it easy to expand your creative capabilities, providing additional module options—including joysticks, PEC/Direct paddles, and attention knobs—to support a variety of mixing workflows and opportunities. Win the work you want with a versatile control surface that powers your potential while keeping your budget in check.

S4 supports up to four optional Display Modules, providing extensive visual feedback of your session. From channel meters, groups, EQ curves, and automation data, to scrolling high-res Pro Tools waveforms, which can be edited right from the surface, you gain better insight into every aspect of your session, so you can create incredible mixes with confidence.

New Features:

Create custom knob layouts
With the latest EUCON update, you can now map the controls of an inserted plugin to your surface—for any plugin, from any EUCON-enabled DAW. This makes it easy to create custom knob layouts for all of your favorite plugins, so you always have your favorite parameters at your fingertips exactly where you want them. You can also map layouts that target different areas of your surface, giving you more flexibility. Even the default EQ and DYN function maps can be rearranged.

View PEC/DIR metering on your displays
Working with Post Modules and Display Modules? You can now link them together, enabling you to view tracks from post layouts in five different metering views, two different color options, and up to 10 wide surround formats. Both input and output meters from any track, from any workstation, can be assigned to these post layout tracks.

Speed up your workflow
Not only can you spill out VCA Masters, you can also open, close, and spill out Folder Tracks directly from your S4 surface—in exactly the same way as VCA Spill—enabling you to get to any track fast. And rename Pro Tools tracks by simply double-tapping on the Home screen's track name in the Master Module.

Accelerate your mix
Avid S4 boosts your tracking, editing, and mixing efficiency, giving you direct hands-on access and control over a host of software functions, parameters, and project navigation. Create better mixes with more precision than working with a mouse and keyboard alone.

Mix with confidence
Get unprecedented visual feedback of your mix—including Pro Tools waveforms and advanced metering—with support for up to four Display Modules, enabling you to make more informed mixing decisions.

Create Dolby Atmos mixes with ease
Experience the most efficient hands-on Dolby Atmos mixing workflows in the industry when paired with Pro Tools | Ultimate, providing extensive integration for faster project turnaround. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to outfit smaller rooms for immersive audio.

Customize the surface for your needs
With its compact, semi-modular design, you can configure S4 with up to 24 faders—plus three module options that offer dual joysticks, PEC/Direct controls, or additional knobs—to meet your workflow needs, without dominating studio space.

Get comprehensive monitor control
Easily assign and control talkback, listenback, and speaker sources and levels right from the surface to handle everything from simple cue mixes for music recording, to monitoring immersive audio projects.

Get unmatched hands-on control
S4 is EUCON-enabled, providing deep DAW integration and control, so you can mix faster and more intuitively with an ergonomic surface that acts and feels like a physical extension of your software. No matter what DAW you use. And with the latest EUCON software, you can open and close Pro Tools Folder Tracks right from the surface, greatly speeding up session navigation.

Get super-simple setup
Get up and running quickly with the fully integrated Channel Strip Module and preassembled 3-, 4-, or 5-foot frame, streamlining configuration and setup.