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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

NEW D.A.S. Audio ACTION S18A Power Single 18" Subwoofer

Original price $1,622.31
Current price $1,189.00

The 18" D.A.S. Audio ACTION-S18A is a 1500W powered subwoofer that’s portable, versatile, and simple to use. It is designed to supplement a main PA speaker, offering a louder and deeper bass extension to the ACTION-508A, -512A, -515A, or any full-range PA speaker, and it's suitable for audiences up to 300. The onboard DSP processing, 2-input mixer, and LCD interface with easy-to-use presets help working presenters, musicians, instructors, performers, and A/V providers get powerful, clean, and clear sound quickly.

The subwoofer provides 134 dB of peak SPL—plenty of volume for mid-sized venues including houses of worship, conference centers, performance spaces, and meeting rooms. The highly efficient 1500W Class-D amplifier powers the 18” woofer, providing a deep, clean, and detailed bass response with a frequency range of from 125 down to 35 Hz.

The rear panel offers two inputs. Inputs 1 and 2 feature line-level combo XLR-1/4" connectors. Two XLR Thru-Outputs are available for daisy-chaining to additional subwoofer / speakers. All inputs are mixed to a mono signal internally. For a true stereo L/R operation, two S18As are needed with each to receive independent the left and right signals respectively. The ACTION-S18A ships with a standard IEC power cord. 

Display with DAScontrol DSP

  • Channel 1 & 2 input meters: provide visual confirmation of gain staging with clip notification
  • Master output meter: provides visual confirmation of output levels with RMS metering and limit notification
  • Presets: select from factory presets for your application
    • LOUD: provides an even bass response
    • DEEP: provides a boost at 50 Hz
  • High-Pass Filter: On/Off (for use with subwoofer)
    • Top: for use with ACION-Series full-range tops
    • 63 Hz
    • 100 Hz

Main Features

  • Active subwoofer system
  • 1500 W (peak) Class-D amplifier
  • Birch plywood enclosure
  • Durable ISO-flex paint 
  • DAScontrol interface for easy setup and adjustment
  • DSP with presets and LCD screen


  • Live sound reinforcement
  • Bands, DJs, and performers
  • Speech and vocals
  • Music playback in entertainment
  • A/V, conferences, and presentations