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iZotope RX 8 Advanced Audio Restoration and Repair Software (Download/Activation Card)

by Izotope
SKU 1143-1242

The Industry Standard for Audio Repair

Important Note: This is the full version of RX 8 Advanced.

Designed specifically for the demanding needs of post production professionals, RX 8 Advanced continues to be the industry standard audio repair tool used on movies and TV shows to restore damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition. Trusted by the top audio pros around the world, RX 8 continues to lead advances in audio signal processing and machine learning that were once unimaginable.

In RX 8, iZotope are giving you more control over your audio. Use Spectral Recovery to restore discarded frequencies in audio from compressed live-streams or video calls, or use the all-new Wow & Flutter module to fix pitch drift in music recordings. Break out Guitar De-noise to tighten up your guitar recordings, an even more powerful Music Rebalance for stem separation and mix tweaking, and the revamped Loudness Control module. Unleash the overhauled Batch Processor on audio of any kind for simultaneous multi-file editing, reformatting, and exporting.

Perfect for Post-Production Studios and Facilities

  • Includes everything in RX 8 Standard.
  • Replace missing high-end frequencies in dialogue recordings with Spectral Recovery.
  • Correct pitch drifts in music recordings with Wow & Flutter.
  • Remodel the performance of a line with Dialogue Contour.
  • Remove the reverb on dialogue with Dialogue De-reverb.
  • Perform mix adjustments or stem separation with the improved Music Rebalance.
  • Repair multichannel audio up to 7.1.2.
  • Remove rustle from lav mics and other sources with De-rustle.
  • Isolate dialogue from noisy backgrounds with Dialogue Isolate.
  • Reduce intermittent low-end wind rumble with De-wind.
  • Spectrogram editor with horizontal scrolling.
  • Features machine learning tech and Advanced-only tools.

Why RX8?

Surgical Noise Removal

Use a variety of tools to control, replace, or completely remove any unwanted noise in your audio—if you can see it, you can remove it.

Versatile Modules for Any Situation

RX comes with modules that remove hum, clipping, clicks and even isolate dialogue from other noises.

Need Assistance?

RX's Repair Assistant diagnoses your audio and offers processing suggestions for challenging noises with one listen.

Rebalance or Isolate the Musical Elements of a Mix
Are the vocals too quiet or the drums too loud? Can’t find the original stems to your song? With Music Rebalance, no mix is “final.” Using an algorithm trained with machine learning, Music Rebalance can intelligently identify vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments and allows you to individually enhance or isolate elements of an audio track, making remastering without multitracks possible. Isolate or remove vocals from your song, or for more problematic mixes, separate each musical element into separate stems for individual processing.

Refine Your Guitar Recordings for Clean, Authentic Performances
As one of the most pervasive instruments in modern music, a clean, articulate guitar track is pivotal to a high-quality music production. RX 8 Standard introduces Guitar De-noise, a quick and easy way to manage guitar-produced sounds that can interfere with your mix when affected with limiting or compression. Reduce the prominence of electrical amplifier noise and hum, fret squeaks and pick attacks to clarify your guitar recordings—without removing the all-important human performance element.

Finalize Your Audio Levels for Delivery
Loudness is more important than ever in the age of streaming media and remote podcasting. That's why RX 8 includes an all-new Loudness Control module. With preset targets for virtually every current broadcast loudness standard, a Loudness Gate that prevents periods of silence from skewing your loudness readings, and numeric and histogram displays for integrated, short-term, and momentary loudness (and more), your music, film, television, and podcast audio is sure to be clear, intelligible, and appropriately loud.

Compare RX 8 Features

Feature Elements Standard Advanced
De-hum* (Improved)
Horizontal Scrolling (New)
Batch Processor (Imporved)  
Guitar De-Noise (New)  
Music Rebalance** (Improved)  
Loudness Control (New)  
Composite View (Improved)  
Dialogue Isolate** (Improved)    
Spectral Recovery (New)    
Wow & Flutter (New)    
Repair Assistant
Voice De-noise*
Breath Control*  
Mouth De-click*  
Spectral De-noise*  
Spectral Repair  
RX Connect  
RX Monitor  
Dialogue Contour    
Dialogue De-reverb    
Ambience Match**    
Center Extract    
Third-party plug-in hosting
Find similar
Module Chain
Module list filters
Signal Generator
Recording and monitoring
Variable Time  
Variable Pitch  
Instant Process  
EQ Match    
Surround support    


* = Available as a plug-in

** = Available as a Pro Tools AudioSuite

System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Mac: OS X 10.13.6 (High Sierra) - macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  • Windows: 8 & 10

Plug-in Formats

  • AU, AAX, VST2, VST3. All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.

Supported Hosts

  • Pro Tools 12 – 2020, Logic Pro X, Live 9.7 - 10, Cubase 9.5 – 10.5, Nuendo 10, FL Studio 20, Studio One 4 - 5, REAPER 6, Audition CC, Premiere Pro CC.