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JoeCo Blackbox BBR64-Dante Rack 64-Channel Recorder

by JoeCo
Original price $4,531.25
Current price $3,625.00

The JoeCo Blackbox BBR64-Dante 64-Channel Rack Recorder (Digital/Analog) is a single space 19" rack mountable recorder designed for attaching to a Dante-capable audio over Ethernet console or converter. The device can then receive up to 64 channels of audio simultaneously and record them as 44.1 or 48 kHz 24-bit Broadcast WAV files directly to a USB 2.0 disk drive, USB 2.0 flash drive, or SDHC card with a USB 2.0 adaptor. Higher sample rates are also available but at reduced track counts. You can also record up to 8 channels directly into the recorder via the analog inputs, such as when you want ambient and audience sounds to accommodate a performance.

The front of the device features a bicolor LED array to indicate the status of each recording channel. Two high-resolution LED meters show you the levels on the pre-fader listen bus which you can listen to using the headphone output on the back of the device. You choose which channels to route to the monitor using a data wheel and back control button on the front of the device. The front panel also features a bank of touch-sensitive control buttons and record, stop, and play transport controls. A display on the front right of the unit indicates time code, recording status, and remaining disk space.

The back of the device features input ports for power, synchronization, controls, SPDIF clocks, word clock, USB 2.0 disk drive, headphones, an 8-channel analog D-sub connector, and the Dante RJ-45 Ethernet I/O port.

Connect to Devices Via Dante Ethernet

The recorder connects to Dante-capable consoles and converters that can transmit up to 64 channels of audio data over a standard Ethernet network via Cat 5 cable

Record up to Eight Channels Via Analog Input

You can record up to eight channels of audio directly into the recorder via the analog input for capturing ambient and audience sounds along with the production. Using the eight analog inputs, the recorder has 56 channels left for audio transmitted through Dante

Record Broadcast WAV 24-bit 44.1/48 KHz

The device can record 16-bit or 24-bit Broadcast WAV files at 44.1 or 48 kHz. Higher sample rates are also possible through an iXML software upgrade, but require a reduced overall channel count

Record to USB 2.0 Disk, Flash, SDHC Card

The device records directly to a removable USB 2.0 disk drive, FAT32-formatted USB 2.0 Flash drive, or an SDHC Card in a USB 2.0 adaptor. Using removable media makes it easy to load and edit recordings in your preferred DAW

Headphone Monitoring on Pre-Fader Listen Bus

You can create headphone mixes of individual channels or pairs through a pre fader listening bus for metering and monitoring

Lock To or Generate Word Clock

The recorder can sync with external word clock or generate its own for time-stamping recordings

Playback Lockout and Record Recovery

The recorder is equipped with fail safe systems such as playback lock-out, that prevents you from playing back a file while recording and recording recovery so that you can regain what was recorded if power is lost to the device

Polyphonic Support With iXML

With an optional software upgrade, the device can support iXML, allowing you to embed metadata such as scene, take, location, and notes into Broadcast WAV files using a standard QWERTY keyboard. Installation of iXML also allows the recorder to capture PolyWAV files for use in television and film post production