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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

Melda Production MXXXCore Modular Multi-FX Rack Plugin Software (Download/Activation Card)


MeldaProduction MXXXCore offers a basic version of the company's MXXX modular, multi-FX rack plug-in. It provides mixing engineers, electronic musicians, producers, and sound designers with an all-in-one user interface that allows for a flexible, grid-like approach to routing multiband EQ, dynamics, and time-based effects. The plug-in includes 36 activated default processors as well as over 70 MeldaProduction processors, which require individual licenses (available separately) for activation.

MXXXCore lets you split your signal into as many as six frequency bands via three adjustable crossover algorithms. Insert processors via a modular matrix, which provides automatic and customizable routing. Use up to 16 modulators to control any set of parameters, or use the randomize feature to try different configurations. Tweak the settings via multi-parameters or MIDI controllers. If desired, automatically sync every oscillator and modulator to the host tempo. Measurements of all relevant values are displayed on traditional meters and advanced time graphs. Easily manage levels via automatic gain compensation and the built-in safety limiter.

The plug-in works in mono, stereo, mid/side, and surround. It features a resizable and customizable GUI, 64-bit audio processing, and free-for-life updates.

What's Included

  • MXXXCore is a special license that includes only basic building block processors; it comes with 36 already-activated default processors.
  • MXXXCore comes with all 70 processors that are included in MXXX; individual licenses are required to activate them (available separately).
  • MeldaProduction processors you already own are enabled in MXXXCore as well.
  • MXXXCore does not allow you to insert a processor that you do not own, nor open a preset that uses a processor that you do not own; the software indicates which license you need to purchase in order to get an unowned processor to work.

Basic Funtions

  • A modular matrix with a grid approach provides flexible routing on six lanes: multiply signals, split frequency bands, use sidechain inputs, split channels, add feedback, add delay, and more.
  • Split your signal into as many as six frequency bands via three adjustable crossover algorithms.
  • Compensate for internal latency.
  • Access over 500 presets, each containing its own set of processors and controls.
  • Modulate any parameter from the following options: LFO, envelope generator, randomizer, pitch detector, and amplitude follower.
  • Automatically sync every oscillator and modulator in the plug-in to the host tempo.
  • Use standard or custom oscillator shapes to change the audio signal.

Default Processors



  • Auto-pitch


  • Band-pass
  • Filter


  • AGC
  • Compressor

Reverb & Delay

  • DelayTap


  • LR to MS
  • MS to LR
  • LR to L&R
  • L&R to LR
  • Quadruple generator
  • Stereo expander
  • Stereoscope


  • Wave-folder


  • Analyzer
  • Follower
  • Loudness analyzer
  • Math
  • Modular
  • MXXX
  • Notepad
  • Oscilloscope
  • Tuner
  • Utility

Building Blocks

  • Channel matrix
  • Channel volume
  • Crossover
  • Feedback
  • Report latency
  • Mixer
  • Ratio
  • Ratio by input
  • Ratio splitter


  • LFO
  • Noise generator
  • Oscillator


  • MXXX provides 16 fully-featured modulators. They can control any set of parameters, including other modulators. Each modulator works as an LFO, level follower, MIDI- / audio-triggered ADSR enveloper, randomizer, or pitch detector.
  • You can make the sound vary over time, create movement, and generally make your sounds more interesting. You can make various parameters depend on the input or sidechain level, or even listen to the input pitch.


  • MXXX provides a mix of predefined oscillator shapes, which you can edit into custom waveforms using the MeldaProduction Envelope System (MES), a step-sequencer, and several methods for algorithmic post-processing.
  • Harmonic mode allows you to control the harmonic content instead of the oscillator shape. This is especially useful for high-frequency oscillators.


  • MXXX lets you control multiple parameters using a single multi-parameter. Use them to expand automation flexibility and morph between banks of settings.

Parameter Randomization

  • If you aren't sure what to tweak, click the Random button to have the plug-in change settings for you. The smart randomization algorithm selects combinations of parameters for you.
  • Hold Control before pressing the Random button to slightly modify existing settings.

Level Management

  • MXXX includes automatic gain compensation, which quickly adapts to current settings and ensures the output sounds as loud as the input. This protects you from thinking that something sounds better just because it is louder.
  • The built-in safety brickwall limiter ensures that the output stays below 0 dB, preventing digital clipping.

GUI Options

  • MXXX features a freely resizable and customizable GUI. It also lets you choose between knobs, sliders, or buttons. The plug-in can be made to look like a vintage outboard unit or futuristic device.
  • If your display doesn't have a high resolution, you can make the plugin smaller. If the fonts are too small, you can make the plug-in bigger.
  • All the graphics are accelerated using your GPU, providing quick response and keeping your CPU focused on the audio.
  • The Easy screen offers several predefined modes, but just a few controls. Switch to the Edit screen for access to all the plug-in's parameters.


  • The plug-in can display the measurements of all relevant values using classic meters, or it can show them in time using the time graphs.


  • 64-bit audio processing
  • Compatible with standard and high sample rates beyond 192 kHz
  • Mono, stereo, mid/side, and surround configurations are supported
  • Adjustable upsampling (1-16x)

Global Preset Management

  • MXXX presets are stored in a system database, which can be accessed from any project in any host. The plug-in can automatically share your presets and download presets of other users via MeldaProduction servers.


  • Use MIDI controllers and MIDI keyboards to control parameters in real time
  • Free updates for life
  • Audio Units, AAX, VST
  • Mac OS X, Windows