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New Neumann KK 133 NX - Small Diaphragm Microphone

by Neumann
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SKU Neu-008640

The combination of the capsule KK 133 with the output stage KM D is only one of the numerous options within the Neumann KM A/D small diaphragm microphone system.

The Neumann system KM A/D is a modular microphone system for even the most demanding applications. Eight different small diaphragm capsules (KK 120 … KK 185) may be combined with either an analog output stage (KM A) or a digital AES 42 output stage (KM D). All components are available in nickel or Nextel black (nx). A comprehensive range of accessories ensures adaptability to the most diverse fields of application.

The KK 133 is a diffuse-field equalized pressure transducer with a free-field treble boost (4-5 dB at 12 kHz). Based on the technical design concept of the legendary Neumann M 50 microphone and its successor, the M 150, its ultra thin diaphragm is made of titanium and is spaced only a few microns from the backplate, also made of titanium. The KK 133 capsule attains an incredibly fast transient response with unprecedented accuracy. Its detachable sound diffraction sphere creates an earlier and gentler increase in sound pressure for mid to high frequencies. Directivity, thus, increases in the upper frequencies, as with a cardioid capsule, yet as a pressure transducer the KK 133’s bass transmission is linear down to the lowest frequencies, with no proximity effect.

- Directional characteristic: omni (diffusefield-equalized)
- Part of the modular microphone system KM A/D
- Comprehensive range of accessories
Omnidirectional diffuse-field capsule head in woodbox, nextel. Compatible with KM A (analog) or KM D (digital) output stages.