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New Acon Digital Equalize - Parametric Equalizer Software VST AU AAX Mac/PC (Download/Activation Card)

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Current price $99.00
SKU 1035-462
Equalize from Acon Digital is a parametric equalizer plug-in that allows for freely adjusting not only center frequency, gain and bandwidth, but also the filter slope of each band, anywhere from 3 dB to 120 dB per octave. The EQ features three different filter modes: minimum phase, linear phase, or mixed phase. In minimum phase mode the plug-in operates with zero latency, whereas linear phase mode preserves the phase relationships but adds latency. The mixed phase mode allows for setting a range of latency from 5 to 120 milliseconds while preserving the phase relationships as far as possible to control potential pre-ringing artifacts, a common problem with linear phase filtering.

Frequency response, including bandwidth and filter slopes can be adjusted using virtual handles. A real-time analyzer monitors every aspect of the processing, with easy switching between full, mid, side, left or right channel processing for each band. The software automatically routes the audio signal internally to ensure the best results and lowest possible latency.

Up to twelve equalizer bands
Six different filter types (low-cut, low-shelf, peak, notch, high-shelf and high-cut)
Band frequency, gain, bandwidth, resonance and filter slope are freely adjustable for each band
Three different filter modes, minimum phase, linear phase, or mixed phase
Adjustable latency and pre-ringing time in mixed phase mode
Zero latency in minimum phase mode
Channel mode (mid, side, left, right or full processing) can be set independently for each band
Multiple band selection
Re-sizable graphical user interface
Solo and bypass modes
Optional automatic make-up gain
Optional gain to bandwidth linking
Two spectrum analyzers that can analyze the input or output signal from the mid, side, left or right channel
Graphical visualization of the equalizer frequency response
Preset manager and a large number of factory presets
Save, load and categorize user presets
Mono and stereo
Supports sampling rates up to 96 kHz