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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

New Golden Age Project EQ-81 MKIII Vintage-Style 4-Band Equalizer

Original price $499.00
Current price $399.00

With new level knobs and internal enhancements over the MKII version, the Golden Age Project EQ-81 MKIII is a 4-band equalizer that uses vintage-style electronics and Tantalum capacitors in the signal path to deliver classic tonality for musicians, producers, and audio engineers. Its balanced XLR and 1/4" I/O connectors enable standalone use, while its 1/4" TRS insert jack provides unbalanced, integrated circuit-free connectivity for easy insertion into insert jack-equipped Golden Age Project gear or other unbalanced audio equipment.

Built in the style of a classic 1081 EQ module, the EQ-81 MKIII's Class-AB circuit has stepped frequency controls that reach from 33 Hz to 15 kHz, inductor-based mid bands with hi-Q switches, and bass and treble bands with selectable shelving/bell modes. Apply up to 18 dB of boost or cut per band, and bypass individual bands via the Off position on each band's frequency selector.

What's New on the MKIII

  • New knobs for the level controls
  • Small coupling caps in parallel with all electrolytic caps in the IC-based I/O section

An Updated Take on a Classic

  • Vintage-style electronic components
  • Similar to the EQ section in the classic 1081 module, minus the high- and low-pass filters
  • Tantalum capacitors in the signal path
  • No integrated circuits in signal path when using the 1/4" insert jack
  • External power supply helps avoid interference with the audio circuits
  • Selectable ground-lift jumper
  • Durable build quality

Four EQ Bands

  • Four bands with inductor-based, switchable-Q, mid-frequency bands
  • Stepped selection of frequency bands
  • Frequency selections from 33 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Up to 18 dB of boost/cut per band
  • Selectable shelving/peaking mode for bass and treble bands
  • Off mode per band

Balanced and Unbalanced I/O

  • Balanced XLR-1/4" combo input, and XLR and 1/4" TRS balanced outputs for line-level operation
  • Unbalanced input and output connections via 1/4" TRS insert jack with nominal working level of approximately -18 dBu
  • Works as a standalone EQ, or with Golden Age Project models equipped with insert jacks

Compact and Rack-Compatible

  • Compact, half-rack width
  • Desktop friendly
  • Can be rack-mounted with a Golden Age Project Pre-73 preamplifier via a UNITE rack kit (both available separately) for a 19" 1081-style signal chain
  • Vintage-Style, Class-AB Electronics
  • Use Standalone or via Insert Jack
  • 4-Band EQ with Inductor-Based Mid Bands
  • Stepped Frequency Selection
  • Frequencies from 33 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Up to 18 dB of Boost/Cut
  • Per-Band Off Mode
  • Balanced I/O, 1/4" TRS Insert Jack
  • Tantalum Capacitors in Signal Path
  • External PSU Avoids Circuit Interference