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New sE Electronics Voodoo VR2 Active Ribbon Microphone (Black)

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Current price $499.00

Presented in a black finish, the sE Electronics VR2 Active Ribbon Microphone features a hand-tensioned aluminum ribbon and active electronics, which run on 48V phantom power and provide increased sensitivity, greater signal-to-noise performance, and less self-noise. It is tuned to deliver the classic sonic characteristics of ribbon mics along with the extended high-frequency traits normally associated with condenser microphones. Since it can handle high SPLs, it can be used on loud sources such as drums and guitar cabs as well as acoustic instruments.

Like most ribbons, the VR2 has a traditional figure-8 polar pattern, so it will pick up some ambient sound behind the mic. Equipped with a balanced XLR 3-pin output, the VR2 can be connected to your audio interface, mixer, or external mic preamp; one with robust gain is recommended for optimal performance. The supplied shockmount reduces vibration and stand-borne noise while providing added visual flair. A wooden case is included for safe storage between sessions.

Voodoo Series

Whereas many ribbon microphones have a dark, muted high-frequency response, the Voodoo VR2 utilizes a clever mechanical device to achieve nearly full-range frequency response that extends well beyond that of most other ribbon microphones, approaching nearly 20 kHz. This provides an extended level of top-end detail, so the result includes not only the distinctly natural lows and midrange that most ribbons provide, but also minimal loss in high-frequency content. Guitar and brass tones retain their edge, cymbals still sound rich and full, and a supremely natural sound is achieved from top to bottom.

Additionally, the VR2 can handle very-high sound pressure levels and thus can be utilized for applications not normally considered for most ribbon microphones, including loud brass, drums, and electric guitar cabinets, both in the studio and on stage.

VR1 vs VR2

The VR1 is a passive ribbon, so it does not require phantom power. However, it is "phantom-protected", so it will not be damaged by accidental application of phantom power. Given its lower output, it is ideally suited for loud sources such as electric guitars, drum overheads, and brass, or quieter sources when paired with a clean, high-gain preamp.

The VR2 is an active ribbon and requires +48V phantom power for operation. With higher sensitivity than the VR1, it is ideally suited for applications including acoustic instruments, piano, and vocals as well as the same sources as the VR1 (guitars, drums, brass).

Widely Used

Voodoo ribbon mics are used by these artists and many more 


  • Queens of the Stone Age
  • Billy Gibbons
  • August Greene
  • My Morning Jacket
  • Pete Thorn
  • Steve Stevens
  • John Browne
  • Neil Cappellino
  • Linkin Park
  • Band of Horses
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • Paramore
  • Black Sabbath
  • David Hodges

  • Hand-Tensioned Aluminum Ribbon
  • Figure-8 Polar Pattern
  • Active Design
  • Classic Ribbon Sound with Extended Highs
  • High Max SPL Handling
  • XLR 3-Pin Output Connector
  • Shockmount Reduces Vibration Noise
  • Includes Wooden Case