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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

UVI Falcon 2.5 Hybrid Virtual Instrument Software - eDelivery

by UVI
Original price $399.00
Current price $349.00
  • 16 oscillators, 90+ effects, modulation sources, MIDI processors with scripting in an expansive semi-modular sound design environment
  • Advanced sample engine with timestretch, pitch-shift, slicing and granular
  • Pure synthesis with subtractive, PM, FM, wavetable, additive and physical modeling



Mix and match sound sources using sampler-like key zones with sample-based or pure synthesis oscillators:
— Each sample can be individually manipulated using timestretch and pitch-shift algorithms as well as granular synthesis from IRCAM. Loops can be sliced, chopped-up and mapped to the keyboard using the Slice oscillator.
— 9 pure synthesis oscillators including virtual analog, wavetable, phase distortion, FM and additive type, and even physical modeling with the pluck oscillator


Falcon comes with an expansive factory library of 1000+ presets and 500+ wavetables created by some of the most respected sound designers in the world - tap them for instant gratification or to inspire your own sound design.
Buy Falcon, get a
$100|100€ VOUCHER
There's even more to discover, Falcon is fully-compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered instruments. Each purchase of Falcon also includes a $100 / 100€ voucher good towards the purchase of any soundware or Falcon Expansion on With dozens of choices ranging from orchestral instruments to vintage synths, you can immediately expand Falcon to complement your style.
Falcon's Event section provides control over pre-synthesis data, namely the manipulation, analysis or generation of MIDI. Event processors can do anything from arpeggiating incoming notes or strumming them like a guitar to applying micro tunings, playing back MIDI files or creating generative sequences.
Script Processors are custom Events which allow the user to create MIDI processor modules with the Lua language.


- Chord recognition: Name chord currently played
- Virtual Pitch: Real-time virtual pitch detection


- Ensemble: Play 5 voices using adjacent detuned sample-based key zone
- Shepard: Shepard tone effect
- Timbre shifting: Use pitched adjacent sample-based key zone to change the instrument timbre
- Tremolo: Volume modulation
- Unison: Play up to 10 detuned voices
- Vibrato: Pitch modulation


- Chorder: Create up to 12-voice chords using shift with custom volume and pan
- Chord Bank: Create and assign chords to each MIDI key independently
- Scale: Snap notes of your MIDI input to a key and scale of your choice
- Tonal Harmonizer: Create chords using scale degrees



- Legato: Crossfade attack of legato-played keys for more realistic performance
- Modwheel Glissando: Use MIDI CC to strum pressed keys like a Harp
- Portamento: MIDI glide with fade time
- Strum: Play incoming MIDI notes like a guitar


- Arpeggiator: An advanced variation of the classic synthesizer effect, modifies incoming notes and plays them back in programmable patterns. Includes up to 128 steps of variable pitch, velocity and step length modulation, 26 playback modes, resolution from 1/64 tri to 32x and dozens of preset factory shapes.
- Drum Sequencer: 8-part step sequencer with pan and pitch support
- Euclidean Drum Sequencer: 8-part sequencer based on euclidean distribution oriented towards drum instruments
- Euclidean Tonal Sequencer: 8-part sequencer based on euclidean distribution oriented towards tonal instruments
- MIDI Player: MIDI file playback module
- Polyphonic Seq: Polyphonic sequencer with one sequencer running per key pressed with volume, pan, pitch and timing support
- Step Line: Bass line oriented sequencer


- MPE: Helper for MPE controller
- Micro Tuner: Scala based module with keyboard mapping support
- Transpose, MIDI filter, … : Modules for quick MIDI remapping and filtering
Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX, Windows (8+), Mac (OS X 10.9+), we've got you covered. Falcon's core has been optimized for efficient performance on all popular platforms and DAWs.
At Falcon's heart is the UVI Engine XT™, a robust, reliable and CPU-efficient DSP powerhouse that's been constantly refined over the last 10 years. Leaned on by some of the largest names in pro audio, Engine XT provides a host of features that make Falcon one of the most flexible and feature-rich instruments on the market. What's happening under the hood has a significant effect on your experience.
Windows installer: 600MB or Mac DMG: 564MB
Factory Library: 998MB (compressed ufs size)