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New Reason Studios Software Radical Piano - Rack Extension Virtual Piano for Reason (Download/Activation Card)

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Radical Piano from Propellerhead is a rack extension for Reason that is designed to be a professional sounding, straight forward, and flexible virtual piano. Radical Keys combines sample playback with cutting edge physical modelling to generate realistic quality sounds and a seamless dynamic response with the freedom to tweak sounds in any direction. The instrument features sympathetic resonance, which means that any undamped strings will ring along with the currently play notes (strings), bringing a new dimension to the sound.

Note: Rack Extensions are only available for single-user licenses. This means that if you are a school/institution and have a multi-license for Reason, you will not be able to try, purchase, or install Rack Extensions


  • Home Grand: A Bechstein grand piano with a nice “not perfectly tuned” home grand character
  • Deluxe Grand: A Steinway Model D grand piano, rated one of the greatest grand pianos available. This particular one belongs to Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio Ltd)
  • Upright: A Futura upright piano with a distinct “living room” character

Microphone Configurations

The pianos were recorded using up to nine microphones per instrument, placed at various critical positions inside and outside of the pianos. The different microphone recordings were then stored in Radical Piano as separate sound sets


  • Vintage Mono
    • A single microphone placed outside the waist of the grand piano (or behind the upright piano)
    • For the Steinway grand piano we used an old-school mono ribbon mic with vintage characteristics and a narrow frequency response with the emphasis in the mid-range
    • For the Futura upright piano we used a vintage tube microphone
  • Ambience
    • Two microphones in AB configuration placed quite far away from the piano to capture the room ambience
  • Floor
    • Two pressure-zone microphones that lay flat on the floor just behind the front legs of the grand piano (and behind the upright piano). They add depth and richness to the sound and are best used as a complement to the other mics
  • Jazz
    • Two microphones in AB configuration placed just outside/in front of the piano. This gives a full-bodied sound with a wide stereo image and a less pronounced attack
  • Close
    • Two microphones in XY configuration placed close to the hammers. The close mics produce a distinct sound with a sharp attack, ideal for uptempo pop/rock


  • Velocity
    • Low
    • Curve
    • High
  • Tune
    • Cent
    • Drift
  • Sustain Pedal: Control the piano sustain continuously from pedal up to pedal down. As on acoustic pianos, the sustain pedal is not either “on” or “off" - it can be “somewhere in between” as well. The Sustain function in Radical Piano simulates this behavior
  • Resonance
    • Level
    • Release Time
  • Envelope
    • Attack
    • Decay Curve
    • Release
  • Mechanics
    • Key Down
    • Key Up
    • Pedal


  • Character
    • Range: Subdued to Agitated, in 24 steps, with natural sound at the 12 o’clock position. Subdued produces a warm and mellow tone whereas Agitated generates a brighter and significantly more-pronounced tone
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Ambience
    • Small Room: This simulates the acoustic reflections in a small room
    • Large Room: This simulates the acoustic reflections in a large room
    • Hall: This simulates the acoustic reflections in a medium-size hall
    • Theater: This simulates the acoustic reflections in a large hall/theater
  • Output
    • Width: Sets the stereo width of the piano sound
    • Compression: Controls the amount of compression applied to your piano sound