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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

New PSI Audio A 17 - M - Active Near-Field Studio Monitor - Red

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Powerful near field studio monitor

The A17-M is THE REFERENCE of near field monitors. Powerful for its size, it delivers an uncompromised quality in term of stereo image, low end control and transparency all over the bandwidth. Are you ready to step ahead?

Your success story with the A17-M
Only you know where your story begins, and who knows where it will take you? With the A17-M, you can trust your judgement every step of the way. Listen better, create faster.

You can trust your speakers, since it is their sound that has earned PSI Audio the respect of audio professionals all around the world. Building on over 40 years of experience and continuous development, the A17-M is the definitive nearfield monitor. Assess your work comprehensively without a subwoofer – or enhance the A17-M with a Sub A125-M, for example. Whatever story you need to tell, the A17-M helps you get your message across – a friend you should definitely listen to.

Perfect Stereo Image
Stereo is more than just volume differences between the left and right channels. Phase relations are paramount to determine the accurate position of a signal in the acoustic space – and hence equally important in the development of PSI Audio speakers. The accurate phase alignment provided by PSI Audio CPR technology recreates the vivid spatial listening experience as it was intended. Instrument placement, reverb envelopes, even compression artefacts are easy to identify with the phase-corrected reproduction of PSI Audio speakers.

Handmade tweeter
What do you do when you cannot find a driver appropriate for the sonic accuracy you want to achieve with your speaker? At PSI Audio, we decided to just build our own then.

The tweeter used in the A17-M is unique, our own development and built by hand in our manufacture in Switzerland. Superior to any market-bought solutions, our tweeter offers unparalleled clarity, subtlety and fidelity. It took a lot of time and effort to create this tweeter – certainly a lot more than buying one from an international supplier would have.

But the result is absolutely worth it.

A17-M – Who is it for?

Compact in size yet stunningly powerful, the A17-M can be employed in virtually any scenario that requires accuracy and fidelity, from producing and recording to mixing and even mastering.
The A17-M is the ideal choice for studios that provide a large range of services but still prefer a compact monitoring solution.

A17-M Technical Data
Data A17-M [Unit]
Potential peak power 170+45 W
Continuous max SPL@1 m 102 dB
Short term max. SPL@1m 105 dB
Peak max. SPL@1m 115 dB
Signal to noise ratio (S/N) 96 dBA
Bandwidth at -6dB 44-23'000 Hz
SPL tolerances ±2.2 dB
Phase tolerances ± 45 (300 Hz – 20 kHz) deg
Dispersion (H x V) 75 x 40 deg
System 2 ways
Crossover frequency 3500 Hz
Woofer ext. diam. 180 mm
Woofer ext. diam. 7.1 in
W. diaphragm diam. 130 mm
W. diaphragm diam. 5.1 in
Medium ext. dim. N/A mm
Medium ext. dim. N/A in
M. diaphragm diam. N/A mm
M. diaphragm diam. N/A in
Tweeter ext. dim. 90 mm
Tweeter ext. dim. 3.5 in
T. diaphragm diam. 27 mm
T. diaphragm diam. 1.06 in
Dimensions W x H x D 200 x 320 x 230 mm
Dimensions W x H x D 7.9 x 12.6 x 9.1 in
Net Weight 7.4 Kg
Net Weight 16.3 lbs
Input connector 1 x XLR F / 3P
Warranty 5 (+1) years