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Radial Engineering 4-Play Multi-Output DI Direct Box - Opened Box

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SKU R800 1432-A

The Radial Engineering 4-Play is designed for multi-instrumentalists who want to switch between instruments on stage. Providing four XLR pathways that can connect to their own dedicated channels on a PA, mixer, or recorder, the pedal allows you to mute all the outputs, switch instruments without audible pops or clicks, select the proper output, and beginning playing, all in a seamless manner.

For instance, if you’re playing acoustic guitar but you want to switch to a mandolin, you can do so simply by following the steps listed above. That way, you can make sure the FOH engineer has dedicated channels for each instrument (and dedicated processing on a per-channel basis), while you, the lucky instrumentalist, only need to schlep one DI to the gig.

A bright LED status indicator lets you know which channel you’re currently outputting through, so there should never be a mix-up on a darkened stage. Like many other utility pedals in Radial Engineering’s arsenal, the 4-Play provides a tuner output that can work even when the pedal is muted, so you can tune in silence.

You’ll find ground-lift switches for every output, as well as a toggle which changes the behavior of the tuner/mute switch configuration. ALWAYS ON means the tuner always receives signal; ON W MUTE outputs signal only when the mute switch is engaged, while OFF W MUTE does the opposite.  

The 4-Play uses 14-gauge steel in its construction, which contributes to its reliability, as does the unit’s shielding and military-spec circuit board. These provide protection against stray magnetic fields, allowing the controls and switches to remain free from interference. To accommodate pedalboards, this pedal works with standard 9V connections, thus facilitating easy powering from your typical pedalboard power brick.