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New Radial Engineering 500 Series Workhorse 8-Module Rack with 8-Channel Mixer

Original price $1,920.00
Current price $1,599.99
SKU R700 0100-A

The Radial Engineering 500 Series Workhorse is a modular rack and mixer that can handle up to eight 500 Series modules at the same time. The 8-channel mixer is connected to each module to let you fine-tune its sound, and each channel has a virtual ground buss stereo mixer, left-right pan control, level adjustment control, and peak LED indicator.

The Workhorse Rack lets you install modules via removable, slide-out trays that help align the modules with the slots. It is compatible with single- and double-sized 500 Series modules such as preamps, EQs and compressors, guitar interfaces, direct box modules, phase adjusters, re-amp modules, and effects and insert loops. In addition, it is even backwards compatible with older API modules.

The Workhorse Mixer’s modular design allows you to use any installed modules independently or group and mix them together. This enables you to route signals to and from individual modules, split them to send signals to other devices, introduce effects, and finally, mix the signal back together using the master section.

For connectivity, the rack provides XLR, 1/4” TRS, and Omniports for each module on the rear panel. It also has 2 balanced, 8-channel D-sub ports for connecting it to studio equipment, as well as isolated Jensen transformer main stereo outputs, separate monitor out ports, and 2 outputs for stereo headphones. There’s also an expansion buss that lets you connect multiple Workhorse Racks together to build larger mixing systems and master-slave configurations.

There’s also a feed switch on the rear panel of each card slot, which when flipped, simply connects a module’s output to its neighbor’s input. This allows you to chain adjacent modules to create channel strips without having to use XLR cables to patch them together. Furthermore, every alternate module slot has a stereo link switch that allows compatible modules to be paired together, letting you create stereo module configurations, again eliminating the need for any cabling.

Besides this, there’s another D-sub input port on the rear panel that connects to an in-built summing mixer, letting you use the entire rack as an 8-channel analog mixer. You can also connect other racks or recording interfaces via this port and use the front panel mixer to mix the inputs.

  • Modular 8-slot design
  • Access individual modules or connect them to main mixer
  • Built-in 8-channel mixer with volume controls, left-right pan, and LED indicators for each channel
  • Isolated Jensen transformer main stereo outputs, separate monitor out ports, and two outputs for stereo headphones
  • Slide-out trays for easy installation
  • I/O Options: XLR, 1/4" TRS, D-sub ports, and Omniports
  • Feed feature connects adjacent modules without the need for additional cabling
  • Stereo Link feature pairs compatible modules to create stereo setups
  • Expansion buss for connecting multiple Workhorse Racks together via a 1/4" patch cord
  • D-sub input connects to in-built summing mixer that lets you use the rack as an 8-channel analog mixer
  • Steel chassis for shielding against magnetic fields and RF
  • Fits both single and double-wide modules
  • Delivers 1200mA of shared power between the 8 slots
  • Backwards compatible with older API modules
  • External grounding posts