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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

New Radial Engineering EXTC-500 Guitar Effects Studio Interface 500-Series Module

Original price $350.00
Current price $319.99
SKU R700 0132-A

The Radial Engineering EXTC-500 Guitar Effects Studio Interface enables creatively inclined engineers to introduce guitar pedals into the signal chain. The EXTC Studio Interface takes a balanced signal, unbalances it and reduces the level so that it can properly interface with hi-Z guitar pedals. Once the signal is processed, this studio interface reverses the process by taking the unbalanced signal and reconverts it back to a +4 dB balanced line level signal for easy manipulation in the professional recording environment. This, for instance, lets you add wah to a kick drum, tube distortion to a vocal track, or maybe an old-school tape echo to an acoustic guitar. As pedals can be noisy, the EXTC Studio Interface is transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. A 180° polarity reverse ensures that the wet-dry mix is in phase.


  • 100% discrete class-A signal path
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate noise
  • Separate send & receive level controls
  • Front panel ¼" jacks for easy connection


  • Lets you fatten up a track using pedals
  • Allows you to add guitar effects like overdrive to voice
  • Lets you use effect pedals in new ways
  • Creative tool to make your tracks stand out


  • Easy to use
  • Isolated output to eliminate ground loops
  • Wet-dry mix to adjust the balance
  • Can also be used for reamping

Full Enclosure

100% steel casing reduces magnetic interference from other nearby modules that may cause pollution

Blend Control

Adjusts the wet-dry mix between the original unprocessed signal and the EXTC's effects loop


Lets you reverse the polarity of the wet signal path and bring it into phase with the dry signal when they are being mixed together

Omni Insert

Turns the Omniport insert jack into a second send & receive path for additional processing

Send & Receive

For adjusting the send level to the pedals and return path level back into the EXTC to optimize the signal-to-noise ratio

Send & Receive

Allows you to separate send and receive ¼" jacks used to connect guitar pedals to the EXTC. Front panel mounted to make connections easy for use on the desktop


TRS jack is set up as an insert to connect to a remote patch bay or effect device. This follows the tip-send, ring-receive convention. It is available when used with Radial Workhorse racks.

Gold 15-Pin Card Edge

Double-sided and gold-plated edge connector ensures enhanced conductivity and signal transfer

Transformer Isolation

Helps eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops

Class-A EFX Loop

Radial's FET amplifier delivers natural tone and optimal signal transfer for high-impedance instruments and effects