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New Radial Engineering HotShot 48V Phantom Powered Toggle Switch

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SKU R800 1505

The HotShot 48V from Radial Engineering is a microphone switcher in a stompbox form factor. It allows the user to switch their signal from the main mix to a stage monitoring system at the press of a button, in order to communicate with bandmates or stage techs.

Say you want to sing to the audience one moment and tell your band to loop the solo section of a tune immediately thereafter. You can use the HotShot 48V for this purpose, toggling between the main monitoring output on connection A, and the stage-monitoring system on connection B. Now you can cue your band without letting the audience in on the secret.

The HotShot 48V has one XLR input jack and two XLR output jacks. You'll note the 48V phantom power button as well as the ground-lift switch and a latch button that changes the operation of the pedal. A power adapter is included.

Timed Silent Control

To ensure a seamless performance, the HotShot 48V features an isolation transformer on the XLR input along with a time delay microcontroller for completely noiseless switching with no pops or clicks through the PA.

Provides 48V Phantom Power

For microphones that require phantom power to operate, simply press the 48V switch on the rear panel of the HotShot 48V. The red LED below this switch will light to indicate that good phantom power is being provided.

Latching or Momentary Operation

By default, the Toggle footswitch on the HotShot 48V is a momentary switch. This means that it only switches to B as long as the footswitch is depressed, and once you take your foot off the switch it will immediately revert back to Output-A. This switch can also be configured for latching operation. To do so, press the LATCH switch on the rear panel. In this mode a single press of the Toggle footswitch will switch the microphone to Output-B, requiring a second press of the footswitch to switch back to Output-A.

Mute a Cough

The HotShot 48V can be used as an on-stage mute switch by simply leaving Output-B disconnected from the sound system. This allows the mic to be silenced whenever the toggle footswitch is depressed, providing a simple solution for headset and lavalier mic users.