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New Radial Engineering PHAZER Phase Alignment Tool DI Direct Box

Original price $444.00
Current price $369.99
SKU R800 1450-A

The PHAZER Phase Alignment Tool from Radial Engineering Limited is an analog phase correction device designed to time-align 2 signals so that the fundamental frequency of both signals play at the same time. For instance, you may have one microphone on the batter-head of a kick drum for more attack, while a second microphone may be on the outside of the drum to add body. When the kick-pedal strikes the batter-head, the sound of the first head will occur slightly before the second. Delaying the sound of the first head allows you to play both at precisely the same moment, which will produce a rich tone. This same approach is particularly effective with guitar amplifiers when combining a direct feed from a guitar amp with a microphone on the cabinet or when combining 2 room microphones, such as a close microphone on an acoustic guitar and a second microphone to pick up the room ambiance.

As it is physically impossible to time-align all frequencies due to each harmonic having a different wavelength, the Phazer Phase Alignment Tool must be heard to be effective. By listening to the tone as you rotate the phase control, you will hear when both sounds come in focus and will be able to find the sweet spot.

As this is most evident when the lower fundamentals align, this tool is also equipped with a low pass filter that rolls off high frequencies above a variable cut-off point to help reduce phase anomalies in the upper spectrum.

  • Line-level I/O for mixer insert points
  • Variable phase control with 0 to 360° of shift
  • Low pass filter (high-cut) focuses bass response
  • Bypass switch for A/B comparison
  • Class-A circuit for transparent sound
  • Saves tracks and editing time
  • Easy-to-use, just dial-in the sweet spot
  • Phase On bypasses the phase-shift circuit for quick A/B comparison of phase effect
  • SHIFT used in conjunction with the Phase control to access the 180 to 360° phase range
  • Phase Adjust rotation over a 180° range. Used with Shift control to cover full 360° rotation
  • Power switch with LED indicator
  • Ground Lift reduces noise caused by ground loops
  • Filter Cut-Off adjusts the filter's variable cut-off point
  • Filter Range selects the range of the filter
  • Filter On bypasses the low pass filter for quick comparison of the un-filtered signal path
  • Applications: Phase aligns microphone and direct box signals, corrects phase between spaced microphones, can be used with JDX and microphones for guitar sounds, and on bass designed for percussion