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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

Radial Engineering Tonebone Switchbone V2 ABY/C Amp Selector and Booster

Original price $480.00
Current price $399.99
SKU R800 7081-A

Designed for Electric guitarists and bassists, the Radial Engineering Switchbone V2 is a stompbox pedal that allows you to switch among three different amplifiers on stage. It does this without introducing switching noise or distortion into the signal, thanks in no small part to its discrete class-A circuitry, as well as opto-couplers which use light to send and receive switching commands; these give you a smooth switch between signal pathways without noisy pops or clicks.

The Switchbone V2 features a polarity switch on the B and C channel, so if one amplifier is out of phase with the other, tightening the signal becomes as easy as depressing the buttons on the back. Additionally, a ground-lift control fights against hum and buzz often caused by ground loops.  

With this pedal’s footswitches, you can toggle between amp A and B, pass signal through both amps, switch to amp C, or activate the power boost section of the pedal. This circuit can add an additional +18 dBu of gain, as well as a midrange boost of up to 12 dB, making it particularly suitable for lead breaks, or pushing a moderately distorted amp into all its creamy glory.

The pedal utilizes a buffered circuit path, which in other cases might very well sound too clean; however, on the rear of the Switchbone V2, you’ll find a potentiometer that adjusts a proprietary load-correction circuit, effectively emulating the impedance of your amplifier, and obviating any tonal issues introduced by the buffered circuit path.  A 1/4" Slingshot output is a contact closure termination point that allows you to activate other, Slingshot-enabled pedals from the Switchbone V2. With Pulse/Latch and Close/Open toggle switches, you choose between turning an effect parameter on or off, or operating in latch mode (more compatible with vintage amps) or pulse mode (geared more towards modern designs).

The Pedal uses 14-gauge steel in its construction, which contributes to its reliability, as does the unit’s shielding and military-spec circuit board. These provide protection against stray magnetic fields, allowing the controls and switches to remain free from interference. In addition to using this pedal to switch among amplifiers, you can also use it to switch between channels on an amplifier with dedicated channel inputs, or to feed signal to a dedicated tuner. A power supply is included.