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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

New Three-Body Technology Raindrop & Blade Virtual Instruments VST/AAX/AU MAC/PC (Download/Activation Card)

SKU 1133-148

Beauty and Mystery, from Ancient China Three-Body Technology presents its 3rd product: Raindrop & Blade. A traditional Chinese instrument called Yangqin, based on Chinese hammered dulcimer. With the concept “not only capture the sound of the instrument, but also present the feeling of ancient China”, Raindrop & Blade will bring you the beauty and mystery right into your studio, rather than experiencing it from some books or TV shows about ancient China. A completely self-developed, high-performance sample engine ensures a top sound quality, with effects from H7S and MIDI patterns made by professional Chinese Yangqi musicians, make it easy to create the sound like raindrop, without losing its intense feeling. Features Overview Adjustable Sound Field - When samples were recorded, 3 different microphones were used with different positions to capture the spatial and reverb characteristics of Yangqin.  Left-hand and right-hand playing were recorded separately to obtain tone difference, and three modes of Hand Exchange are provided to make the instrument played in a natural way.
 Performances - A number of 11 performances was recorded, such as tremolo, vibrato and run-up/down. Vibrato were recorded in two velocities and can be controlled by MIDI CC. In addition, octave- and third-vibrato were recorded for more realistic performance.
 Realistic Expressions - Raindrop & Blade has real-recorded expressions that are freely controllable. With the control of MIDI CC, it can express tone changes like a real Yangqin performance.
 Sampling Engine - Self-developed sampling engine with better sound quality, more powerful disk buffer streaming/sampling compression, and brand-new sound fusion technology.
 Convolution Reverb - Raindrop & Blade contains convolution reverb samples of spectacular locations as well as famous Chinese natural and historical monuments.
 Effects Rack - Compressor, EQ, Chorus and Ping-Pong Delay for shaping the sound of the Yangqin to your liking.
 Pattern Library - Raindrop & Blade provides you with a pattern library that allows you to easily realize your works and ideas. You can also create your own patterns by dragging in MIDI clips.
 Presets - Various presets from Chinese traditional to experimental to the edge.
 Mac: macOS 10.9 or higher 64 bit Intel or Apple M1 CPU RAM: 4GB Windows: Windows 7 or higher 32 bit & 64 bit Intel or AMD CPU with SSE 4.1 RAM: 4GB Extra Requirements on Specific Hosts: Logic Pro X or higher (Logic 9 is not supported) Only 32-bit VST was supported in Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 Product activation:
An internet connection is required to authorize / activate the product0