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New SPL MC16 Multi-Channel Monitor Controller (Red)

by SPL
Original price $7,198.80
Current price $5,999.00

Presented in a red finish, the SPL MC16 is a 16-channel analog monitor controller for use in mastering multi-channel projects. It sports the same powerful 120 VDC audio rail as the DMC and other SPL gear, an audio rail that provides exceedingly low noise, much in the way of headroom, and the ability to push levels quite loud before incurring any distortion. Two sets of 16-channel inputs are provided over XLR and DB25 connections, while 16 speaker outputs are offered over XLR.

A full monitor section is on hand with a prominent level knob that controls all 16 outputs, giving you mute, dim, and solo functions to boot. The MC16 lets you store up to six presets, recallable instantly and quite useful for navigating between different multi-channel setups, or different combinations of soloed speakers. The unit has been designed to interface into the SPL DMC Mastering Console, allowing you to integrate your multi-channel setup into your stereo rig. All of this makes the SPL quite suitable for engineers who work in Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, 5.1, and more. Label foil with conventional nomenclature is included.

Balanced Connections

The MC16 provided balanced connections for two 16-channel inputs, 32 in total. The first set of 16 inputs is for the multi-channel project you're working on, while the other can be used as a reference feed for comparison.

Monitoring Section Explained

The monitoring section provides a 16-gang analog precision potentiometer for controlling the level of all 16 channels at once. A solo button allows you to solo any of the speakers you wish. Switching solo off will restore your previous settings. A -20 dB dim switch is on hand as well, as is a mute button. You can save settings for formats like Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 or 5.1 surround into the A, B, and C preset slots. You can also use these presets to engage frequently soloed speakers, such as all the top speakers in the Dolby Atmos 9.1.6 format. In total, you can store up to 6 recallable presets.

Compatible with the DMC

The MC16 is designed to integrate with the DMC mastering console, allowing you to incorporate your stereo rig with any multi-channel setup.