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New SPL MixDream Model 2384 16x2 Analog Summing Mixer

by SPL
Original price $4,558.80
Current price $3,999.00

The SPL MixDream Model 2384 16x2 Analog Summing Mixer is a 2U rackmountable analog summing mixer that can expand the functionality of any digital console or DAW. The device uses sophisticated discrete Class A/60 V stages for analog summing before analog to digital conversion. It can sum up to 16 audio tracks to a stereo signal, and additional units can be cascaded together for projects that require even higher track counts. This model also features 16 balanced inserts, allowing for the integration of analog outboard effects with individual and overall hard bypass relays.

The 60-volt (±30V) rails of the unit's Class A technology with circuitry based on the most modern analog components. This ensures an extremely high slew rate, a very low noise level of -97 dBu and a dynamic range of 125 dB, which puts the unit on par with among the best analog consoles.

In addition to being used for mixing, the unit can also be used for discrete mastering from single tracks or subgroups as well as up-sampling audio to SACD/DVD-A formats.

The back panel of the unit features nine 8-channel DB25 connectors: Input channels 1 to 8, Insert Send 1 to 8, Insert Return 1 to 8, Input Channels 9 to 16, Insert Send 9 to 16, Insert Return 9 to 16, Direct Out 1 to 8, Direct Out 9 to 16, Direct Out 1 to 8, Direct Out 9 to 16, and Master Ins./Expansion In/Out 2. For outputs the unit includes left and right gold plated XLR-3M connectors for both the master output and monitor output.

Reduction of A/D Conversions

Sums analog inserts before conversion, thus saving 14 critical analog to digital conversions


Allows for multi-channel sessions to be mixed and processed in analog, which is especially helpful when an engineer wants to upsample to SACD or DVD-A

Controls For Stereo Summing

  • Adjustable insert level
  • Stereo expansion control with infinite gradation
  • Adjustable analog peak limiter
  • Adjustable outputs with added in/out switching of Lundahl transformers

    Three Stage Toggle Switch Per Channel

    Allows you to choose whether or not a channel should be added to the mix buss or removed from the mix while remaining available for re-recording through the unit's direct output

    Common Bypass for All Inserts

    Allows for all inserts to be switched on or off globally

    Connection of Sampler, Keyboards etc

    Enables direct connection of samplers, keyboards, and other expanders into the mixer

    Mono Controls

    Allows for channels 1 & 2, 3 & 4, and 5 & 6 to be switched to mono so that two signals can be converted by a paired D/A

    Input Channels

    Features 16 balanced inputs that are connected over two DB 25 connectors

    Insert Sends

    Provides 16 balanced insert sends to which peripheral processors may be connected

    Insert Returns

    Provides 16 balanced insert return channels to be routed back

    Direct Outs

    Includes a balanced direct output after the insert loop

    Master/Insert/Expansion/Out 2

    Functions as either a master insert send and return, an additional stereo output, or for linking two or more summing mixers via DB 25 socket

    Master Output

    Provides stereo mixdown for a recording device through two master output XLR connections with gold plated contacts that function as either electronically balanced or transformer balanced outputs

    Monitor Output

    Runs parallel with the master output and provides a separate monitoring of the stereo mixdown


    Provides an additional stereo input which is routed through and marked as two channels of the master insert/expansion out 2 DB25 socket

    Stereo Expander

    Electronically determines which parts of a stereo canvas are left and right and then doubles and L-R contents and mixes them in reverse phase to the opposite channel

    Peak Limiter

    Protects subsequent A/D converter stages from clipping with variable threshold based on a discrete transistor circuitry with a musically optimized curve similar to the way tube processor or analog tape machines limit signals

    Transformer On

    Routes signal to either electronically balanced connections or high quality Lundahl transformers