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SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer (Black)

by SPL
Original price $8,398.80
Current price $6,999.00

Styled in black and suitable for mastering purposes, the PQ from SPL is a parametric equalizer—specifically, it's a redesigned edition of their well-regarded Model 2050 SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer. It features stereo and dual-mono operation as well as five separate bands per channel. These bands can be individually instantiated and separately switched between Constant and Proportional Q modes.

An Auto-Bypass mode allows you to sit back within the sweet-spot of your monitoring setup and simply listen to your changes as the system automatically toggles between effected and unaffected signal. It does this at a rate of your choice. This EQ also features 120V Rail Technology, which helps elicits a mastering-quality technical performance from the unit in terms of headroom, dynamic range, and fine-detail reproduction. Its stepped knobs help you recall your exact settings between sessions. The unit utilizes XLR jacks for its inputs and outputs, and its dimensions ensure you can mount it within your rack.

Proportional-Q or Constant-Q modes

In each band, the frequency bandwidth can either be set to a static state, or one that grows/shrinks in relation to the amplitude of the cut/boost. In constant-Q mode, the selected bandwidth remains unaffected by the amplitude setting, making it a suitable choice for corrective applications (eliminating unwanted frequencies, for example). In proportional-Q mode, on the other hand, the bandwidth decreases as the amplitude of the band is boosted or attenuated, allowing for more musical choices.

Selectable Frequencies

Each channel provides five frequency bands, all fully parametric and independently selectable. Frequency ranges are: 
  • LF (Low Frequencies): 10 to 330 Hz
  • LMF (Low Mid Frequencies): 33 Hz to 1 kHz
  • MF (Mid Frequencies): 128 Hz to 4.1 kHz
  • HMF (High Mid Frequencies): 310 Hz to 10 kHz
  • HF (High Frequencies): 760 Hz to 24 kHz

Auto Bypass

To be able to make an objective judgment of processed material, often it is best not to have to toggle between uneffected and effected signal yourself, as this can introduce psychological biases and remove you from the sweet spot of your setup whilst you make choices. Thus, you can induce Auto Bypass, an interval control that determines the time that needs to elapse before the unit toggles between the processed and unprocessed signals. Hard left is the shortest setting. To increase the interval, turn the knob clockwise.

Link Mode

The PQ Mastering Equalizer has been designed as an independent dual-channel equalizer and thus can be used to process two different mono signals at the same time. Nevertheless, you can also process a stereo signal with the link button, which allows you to manipulate both channels in tandem from the right channel.