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Buy Online, Pick Up In Store, Contactless Curbside Pickup Available!

New Trident Audio Deca-Dent 10-Space 500-Series Rackmount Chassis with Stereo Linking

Original price $999.99
Current price $799.99

The Deca-Dent 500 Series Rackmount Chassis from Trident Audio is designed to offer the most versatile set of connections available in a 10 space, 500 series rack, along with some additional features that make it very easy to use. Each pair of channels from left to right can be set to feed the output of the left channel into the input of the right channel, without the need to physically do this with cables. In addition to this Feed feature, the channels are also stereo-linkable via the Stereo Link switch. This ties pins together on odd/even pairs of modules and additionally, if the modules already support a Stereo Link function, this switch will activate that feature. This makes stereo linking of compressors or limiters extremely simple and there is no need to physically link the units with cables.

Connecting to the Deca-Dent is simple. Each input channel is connected via a combo jack which supports both XLR and 1/4” inputs while the output for each channel is an XLR connection. In addition, the first 8-channels of the 10 space rack are also accessible via D-Sub (DB-25) connections. It is powered externally by a switch-mode power supply that can operate in any country without having to change voltage settings. The power supply provides 32V via ±16V rails and a separate +48V rail for phantom power. Each slot gets the full 130mA requirements when under a full 10 unit load.

  • 10 spaces for 500-series modules
  • Stereo Link function for pairs of modules
  • Input to output Feed switch in pairs
  • Connections via XLR, 1/4", and D-Sub
  • External power supply